How to Shoot Real Estate Photography Like a Pro

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Most real estate agents agree that high-quality photographs are at the heart of marketing any property and can help buyers make an emotional connection to a property even before they’ve seen it. Conversely, poor photography can cause buyers to reject a listing appointment and lower the perceived value of a property. Whether you shoot the photos yourself or hire a professional photographer, successful agents understand how to make certain photographs more appealing than others, and what the pros do to ensure high-quality listings photographs. 

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of professional listing photography including:

  • What equipment to use
  • How to get the right exposure
  • How to use composition to make every photo better 
  • Tips for making any property photoshoot-ready

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Agent EDU

Learn How to Take Great Real Estate Photography to Enhance Your Listings

Course Curriculum

Learn how to take great photos of your listings
How to Shoot Real Estate Photography Like a Pro
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