Course description

Buying a home should be an exciting time in your buyer’s life. However, managing the buying process with a client can be tricky. The buying process has many moving parts, and all kinds of problems can arise. If you do your job well, you’ll properly set your buyer’s expectations and make this a positive experience for them – and as a result, you can build a lifelong relationship that will bring referrals and multiple sales. This course walks you through the buying process and ways to set your buyers up for the road ahead.

In this course, we’ll break down the important steps to follow to prepare your clients to buy a home:

  • Getting clients ready from a financial perspective
  • How to determine the best properties
  • What to teach your clients about the market
  • How the touring process works
  • What goes into making an offer and negotiating
  • How inspections and appraisals work
  • Preparing for the closing, and the move into the home

Course curriculum

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    Preparing Homebuyers to Buy

    • Learn how to set expectations for your buyer clients so that they ready to make an offer when they find the right home.
    • Course Notes - Preparing Homebuyers to Buy