Annual Subscription Plan

For individuals who want the most cost-effective option. Automatically renews annually.

  • $99.99 / year with 7 day free trial

    Individual enrollment (single user)
    1 Agent

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Monthly Subscription Plan

Unlimited access to all of our courses. Automatically renews monthly. Start with a 7 day free trial.

  • $19.99 / month with 7 day free trial

    Individual enrollment (single user)

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Team and Brokerage Plans

For broker offices and teams. Sign up as many monthly users as you want. No long-term commitments. Automatically renews monthly. Cancel or upgrade at any time.

All available plans are listed here on the right. After you sign up and your payment goes through, one of our account managers will follow up with you within 24 hours to arrange for your group's onboarding. We will create a personalized landing page for your brand upon request.

If you are looking to sign up your team and would like to know more, head over to our Group FAQ Page for more information.

REALTOR® Association Plans

Provide cutting-edge training as a member benefit.

We partner with REALTOR® associations to help them better serve their members and meet their missions by offering AgentEDU® to their members—as a component of member benefits. We can enable links directly from your association website to AgentEDU®. We also provide quarterly usage reporting.

Volume pricing varies and is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
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Affiliate Partner Plans

Give your new licensees and CE students a head start to a great career.

We partner with real estate schools and educational institutions that serve the real estate and allied industries. Through affiliate linking technology we offer a commission on sales of products through the institution's website. Marketing support and training on the self-serve affiliate administration platform is part of the onboarding process.

Commissions and course packages vary for these deals and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
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